Thailand constant temperature Warm Palace paste Pure plant wormwood motherwort more than ten kinds of herbs


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Thai Warm Palace Sticker
The ingredients contain pure plant wormwood, motherwort and more than ten kinds of herbal ingredients, which can reduce the pain of about 45% during the menstrual period, usually just stick it for 8-10 hours! Whether it is menstrual irregularities or severe menstrual pain, women with cold uterus are suitable! Pregnant women palace cold is not easy, so do not say! And it also has the effect of removing dampness! It can be described as very powerful!
It is different from the warm baby that we usually buy in supermarkets!
It's not just a simple charcoal bag for heating and heating!
The warm Palace paste containing the ingredient wormwood super comfortable when the heat of the moment
It can effectively relieve pain during menstrual period and is necessary for menstruation.
When the weather is cold, use Nuangong stickers more, women don’t need to do anything
But you must use warm Palace paste
Stick it directly on the stomach, the temperature is about 8 hours
It can be used for those with cold palace, those who are afraid of cold, and those with dysmenorrhea.
Effectively relieve pain, keep using it to warm the abdomen to remove the cold
You will find that the next time you menstruate, your symptoms will be reduced a lot~
Girls must treat themselves well!