Japan Lucky Trendy Ayumi Hamasaki foot whitening film*4pcs


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cosme awards first place cheap foot mask

Go to the salon for treatment for several hundred yuan at a time, I strongly recommend this foot mask to everyone! No need to go out for foot care, just put it on for 20 minutes, play with your phone, watch TV, and then take it off! Concentrate on moisturizing and nourishing, and you can keep your feet away from rough cracking! Solve the problems of chapped feet, calmness, and aging of the stratum corneum. A pair of bags, two-layer design inside and outside, the outer layer of the ring is made of PE material, very comfortable~


The foot mask is suitable to be applied when watching a drama after a shower, because the ankle is thin and a rubber band is tied, otherwise the effect is immediately smooth and tender, and white~ It can also slightly peel off the dead skin. Hand and foot care is really indispensable. Girls always care about the face, the hands are the second face of the girls~~ And the roughness becomes more and more obvious over time... Really need to take good care of it. We can't stop it from getting rough, but at least it must be delayed